Q. Learning Ltd is proud to announce that the Charity Commission has approved our application for charitable status for the work we have funded in NE Nepal in the Eastern Himalayas for the past 13 years.


Q. Learning Nepal Trust CIO is a team of Western social entrepreneurs. By providing grants and funds to Nepalese schools, we make it possible for children and young people in remote Hangdewa and environs, on the slopes of Kangchenjunga, to have better life chances through education.

We have an amazing set of Trustees who include iconic educational and business people who have particularly focused on IT and English, as well the hospitality and tourism sectors. These have already transformed our governance and put in systems and processes that enable us to be hugely more responsive to sponsors, teachers and, of course, children’s needs. We are on a journey to becoming an internationally recognised school that equips our 200 students with the skills and knowledge fit for the 21st century.


Below is a photo of the older 140 children sending a birthday card to Lesley Warburton, Chair of the Trust. It happened to coincide with international ‘no pens day’ and so the school had a fun day with lots of singing (not just Happy Birthday!)


Meanwhile, in the Montessori School for 60 children aged 4-6, we found that, in the year of Covid-19, when money is extremely short, not only did the Trust fund furlough for the teachers, and provide food for hungry families but when we realised that the villagers were only enrolling boys in the nursery, we searched the mountainside for little girls and brought 13 of them into the school. Q. Learning Nepal Trust CIO funds 100% of their fees, uniforms, text books etc. We desperately need help to secure the education of these little girls. If you think you can help, please go to www.qlearningnepal.com/sponsor-a-child/