Day by day we inch closer to the opening of the new school in Hangdewa for 60 4-6 year olds, and a crèche for teachers’ babies and toddlers. It now has flooring and tables and, maybe this week, the playground will get smoothed over. We need to find money for a fence as this is on a mountain slope (and occasionally children as well as balls go over the edge!) then a path instead of the treacherous ascent/descent to the other school. Always so much to do but the teacher team are on it!Nepal4


And my special thanks go to Nabandranath Maden whose orchard of limes, oranges and kiwi fruit has given way to a school. Next photos will, I hope, be of the children playing and learning there! (Btw we need volunteers and money!)


Meantime, we have been very privileged to have a visit from two volunteers from Grid91 in Mumbai to do a risk assessment and report on safety at the school. We have quite a bit of work to do but now, at least, have a first aid box for each school! The report they wrote has given us an excellent path forward to work on over the next year.