If it matters to understand how individual leaders and managers perform, it matters just as much for teams. And because teams are more than the sum of their parts, working with each member as an individual, whilst essential, is not sufficient.

Teams, boards and partnerships operate with complex dynamics and codes that require distinct approaches to nurturing and development.

Throughout our history, we have worked alongside teams at all levels and in a wide range of settings, from front-line manufacturing to the boards of our largest health-care institutions. We have helped teams design service, think through strategy, and assess and improve their form, function and performance.

Our proficiency is not confined to teams and boards operating within single organisations. We are also experts at working in partnership and alliance settings, enabling cross-cutting groups to adapt to each others’ culture and to integrate into high-performing delivery or governance units.

Whilst each team and context is unique, there are some salient features of how we approach working with them and creating a solid base upon which to build performance improvement and effectiveness.

The tools we use in our approach have developed over twenty years. It ranges from a light touch coaching style to an intensive programme of focused work looking at specific aspects such as the team decision- making strategy, or the cultural and operational integration of collaborative alliances. We have developed a number of diagnostic tools that lead to a greater understanding of what is present within Boards, high performing teams and partnerships.

Our approach is respectful and flexible, helping teams develop their own resilience, agility and sustainability to ensure they continue to be high performing and relevant in the ever changing modern world.

Teams Boards Partnerships
Diagnostics Q. Learning Team Performance Q. Learning Team Performance

Board Appraisal

Q. Learning Team Performance

Q. Learning Partnership Appraisal

Feedback 1:1 and whole team 1:1 and whole board 1:1 and whole board team
Interventions & in-the-business work Team dynamics and team development sessions

Service or operational assessment and re-design

Decision-making and strategy sessions

Board facilitation

Partnership and alliance collaboration sessions

Cultural and operational integration sessions

We’re acutely aware of the ‘away-day halo’ effect – the warm fuzzies that can often come with off-site events which then don’t translate into tangible shifts in performance. An alternative is to work with the rhythm of group sessions – such as meetings – and help create actions that can be implemented immediately. And where we do run away events, we make sure there is an appetite to take plans back to the ranch and see them through to their conclusion.