Training is a valuable tool for imparting knowledge and broadening your peoples’ skill base. But what if training also left them energised, engaged, and able to apply their learning as soon as they arrive back ‘on the shop floor’?

Our clients come back to us time and again because we know how to deliver their outcomes with grounded, high impact training sessions that deliver more than they ever expected.

At Q.Learning we’ve been designing and delivering training course from our inception. We believe that having the right content is important but just as important is having that content delivered in a way that reinforces your organisational values and culture, so those attending any training feel it fits with the organisation. We tailor all training to the organisation and the group taking part ensuring that the training feels like it is run by people who know the organisation and its context.


At Q. Learning, we are careful to identify your key business outcomes and ensure that the training delivers these, we consistently interrogate your brief and our own work to ensure you any training delivers what you need.

We also take evaluation seriously ensuring that we sit down with you to measure and evaluate the success of any training intervention.

We use consultants and trainers who have relevant lived experience and who not only impart knowledge but who are able to coach and challenge your people to apply their learning and step up to the plate. In order to do this our consultants will often take time before a programme to speak those who will take part in or be impacted by the training.