From time to time we all need the outside perspective and external challenge that great consultancy can provide in the midst of a fast changing business landscape.

Whether your team or organisation needs to innovate, meet new challenges or you are trying something new – our team of consultants can be there to bring insight, robust challenge and deliver the benefit of our experience in a way that supports you to achieve your outcomes.

Q. Learning has accumulated notable consultancy capability in four domains:

  • Business strategy and vision
  • Change management and transition
  • Organisational development
  • Partnerships and alliances (including tendering)

We feel an acute sense of responsibility when providing consultancy services, recognising that our clients decisions will be influenced by the perspectives we bring and the recommendations we make. Therefore, we are careful only to take on commissions in which we know we can add considerable value, and where can be confident we can speak our mind.

We work hard at making four Q. Learning virtues count for our clients:

  • Listening really hard and seeing further – so that we can integrate our clients’ needs with the wider context in which they operate
  • Intellectual sparkle – intuiting connections and creating models that like Wallace Stevens’ Glass Jar, ‘create a new knowledge of reality.’
  • Being truly flexible – fitting into the work commissioned and the context in which it must be delivered, rather than expecting the world to adjust to us.
  • Putting our wisest people on the case – a little grey and battle-scarred maybe, but still energised on form. We never send a kid to do a grown-up job.