Done well, assessment and development centres can be the development equivalent of a tough gym session or a challenging new experience. You find out what you’re really capable of, and what you might do better or differently next time.

Approached properly, these centres enable leaders and managers to get a thorough work-out, receive precise feedback and pin-point strengths and areas for improvement.

We’ve been designing and delivering centres for recruitment and development purposes since we began. Our work has helped in the recruitment and appointment of CEOs and Directors, as well as launching and grounding major organisational development initiatives.

Our capabilities in this area cover:

  • Researching and designing competency models and frameworks
  • Designing and running competency-based centres
  • Integrating observations with diagnostic data
  • Report writing and briefing
  • Feedback and coaching
At Q. Learning, we are careful to distinguish between the benefits and costs of assessment and development centres.

Although occasionally we use industry-standard exercises, most of our tasks are designed for the context and the organisation. They enable delegates to grapple with meaningful challenges and issues, and create diverse opportunities for them to show how they think and what they can do.