If there’s one thing you can be certain of in our fast-changing, complex world it’s this: success depends on enhancing the capacity and capability of leaders and managers to perform beyond what they thought possible.

From Chief Executives to Chief Bottle Washers, the roles we play and the contexts we navigate demand new and better ways of making sustainable progress.

For over two decades we have been enabling leaders and managers to shift their performance and take on more challenging and responsible roles. Our clients who are Chief Executives and Board Directors today were middle and junior managers on Q. Learning programmes yesterday. They tell us we have played a significant part in their journey.

We have designed and delivered leadership and management programmes in a huge variety of economic sectors: from finance and telecommunications, through health care and local government, to engineering, construction and retail. Our mission is to help leaders and managers make lighter work of achieving their missions.

Whilst all our interventions are tailored to clients’ needs, our approach to leadership and management development covers six domains: