Q. Learning provides a full range of EI services: feedback and coaching; certification in EQi 2.0 and EQ 360; and distribution of tokens on behalf of MHS.

We aim to give you the best possible certification by integrating our experience in:
  • Delivering hundreds of EQi feedback sessions
  • Performance coaching at the highest levels, as well as certifying business leaders in coaching
  • Using emotional intelligence and other data to plan organisational development strategies

Full certification in EQi 2.0 and EQ 360

This 2 day course is run as an online programme, and can also be tailored for running ‘in-house’ for your organisation. A typical programme looks like this:

Pre-work Complete an EQi questionnaire and receive preliminary feedback Work through three brief online learning modules
Programme Module 1: Overview and framework Module 2: The Science behind EQi 2.0 Module 3: Elements of EQi 2.0 in action Module 4: Interpretation and giving feedback Module 5: Gaining buy-in to Emotional Intelligence Module 6: Planning and administration
Exam & Post Programme Complete a brief on-line assessment A follow up reflection session held approximately a month after the programme.
Dates for 2024 online programmes are:

26th & 27th March
19th & 20th June
23rd & 24th October

If you would like more information or to book, or to discuss an in-house programme tailored to your organisation, please call us on 01491 414202 or email ei@qlearning.com.

EQi 2.0 Update for accredited EQi practitioners

This half-day programme is for accredited users of the original MHS EQ product who would like to update to the new EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 tools. Whilst it is not a requirement that you attend a course such as this, you might find it helpful in getting to grips with how the new tools work. For ‘in-house’ programmes tailored to your organisation, please call us on 01491 414202 or email ei@qlearning.com.

Q. Learning is an appointed and registered distributor for MHS EQi tokens. If you are an accredited EQi practitioner, you can now purchase tokens directly from us.


EQi 2.0 reports £73 +VAT
EQi 2.0 Leadership Report £97 + VAT
EQi 2.0 Group Report £252 + VAT
EQ360 Report £225 +VAT
EQ360 Leadership Report £272 + VAT
Tokens Reports are downloaded from the MHS Website using tokens which are purchased from us and transferred into your account.
Discounts may be available for the bulk purchase of reports. Please call Q. Learning on 01491 414202 to discuss your order. Or email us at ei@qlearning.com.

Support and advice

Our expert coaches are available to offer support, guidance and advice in interpreting EQi reports. This is offered on a ‘fair-use’ basis without charge. However, more formal, paid-for arrangements are also available for those wanting a more complete support service.

Q. Learning offers feedback and coaching based on emotional intelligence for individual leaders and managers, as well as for teams and senior leadership groups. Here are just some of the ways we use EQi 2.0 and EQ360:

1:1 feedback and coaching for performance improvement and development

  • Q. Learning has years of experience coaching senior business leaders and managers. Emotional Intelligence is crucial in helping people improve their ability to influence and communicate effectively; manage change; and feel confident and assured in their judgement and decision-making

Team development

  • We work with management teams, boards and other groups to improve their overall effectiveness and to shape their development. Emotional Intelligence is a great tool for understanding how well aligned groups of people are to roles they are required to play.

Development and assessment centres

  • Emotional Intelligence provides a great commentary to compliment observations and learning from tasks and activities. Feedback reports enable organisations to better understand why leaders and managers perform as they do. Debriefs afterwards include feedback on EQi 2.0 as well as on task performances.