If you will it, then it is no dream

Richard Carr


Richard is guided by a belief in the vital importance in giving people and organisations an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. This belief, and his desire to do the right things in the right way with the right people, are principles that run through every aspect of Richard’s personal and professional life.

He has a love of learning and an appetite for self-improvement. This has lead Richard to identify and develop new, more effective approaches to challenging and guiding Q. Learning’s clients to achieve their business goals.  In the past few years, Richard has apprenticed himself to learning, researching and understanding more about judgement and decision-making and this has generated new approaches that he is applying to a range of scenarios, from how boards make strategy judgements, to how businesses partner and collaborate. He also directs some of Q. Learning’s largest accounts and programmes, particularly those relating to leadership and transformation.

In his role as Q. Learning’s Managing Director, Richard inspires and enables the Q. learning team to adopt similar thinking and approaches to their work with clients and partners, and this is enabling Q. Learning to grow successfully as a sustainable business.

Before joining Q. Learning, Richard led businesses in the publishing industry – ranging from notable brands to start-ups. Outside work, he is a Trustee and Vice Chair of the National Education Trust.

In all aspects of his life, Richard attempts to help others achieve what the American poet Wallace Stevens described, in his poem Not Ideas About the Thing, But the Thing Itself, as a ‘new knowledge of reality.’